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I am an independent researcher, writer and curator trained as a philosopher. A significant part of my writings and exhibitions deals with the influence of the Internet (as a hyperobject more than as a technical tool) and advanced technologies on contemporary art and society. For the past five years, my research focus has been on crowdsourced and distributed decision-making through algorithmic and blockchain-based processes in art. More generally, I am interested in ethics and in art that interferes with the power mechanisms underpinning governance structures.

I have been a text worker (editor, translator…), the associate chief editor of the French contemporary art magazine 02 (2011-2016), a founding member of the Belleville Biennale in Paris (2010-2014), an art theory lecturer at an art and design school (2012-2014), a dogsbody at a non-profit art space and a ghostwriter for art history PhDs. In 2019, I have been awarded a research grant by the CNAP to work on the ways artists prototype democratic processes using decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

To get in touch, you can email aude at this domain name, or DM me @audelau.