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From 2017 onwards: Independent writer and curator with a focus on the idea of algorithmic curating and on the interaction between human and artificial languages in AI-based processes.

2012-2014: Lecturer in Art Theory at ESADSE, (Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Design de St Etienne, France).

2011-2016: Associate chief editor of 02, French contemporary art review.

2010: Founding member of the Belleville Biennale in Paris and curator there in 2010-2012-2014.

Since 2006: Art critic with writings published in art reviews and catalogues

2005-2016: Associate curator at Zoo galerie, non-profit art space dedicated to emerging artists in Nantes (F)

2006: MA in Philosophy, thesis in Aesthetics (University of Nantes, France, grade B)

To get in touch, you can email aude at this domain name.